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Georgie and the Dragon children's picture book illustration

quirky & whimsical illustrations

to bring words and ideas to life, brighten your day and make you smile

if you love to be captivated and immersed in uplifting stories, transported to other worlds full of warmth and joy, with perhaps a bit of magic and mayhem thrown in, you're in the right place.

Stories are how we remember. Our past stretches behind us in a complex tapestry of stories. We think about the future in stories. We love hearing them and telling them.

And when we can see the story unfolding, when we can relate to it and see ourselves or those we love in the story, it becomes even more powerful.


hello! I'm Emily.

emily charlotte powell

I live in the south of England with my husband and our two children, Thomas and Katelyn, who inspired the name of my business, Thomkat Illustrations.

I started working as an illustrator in 2018, creating vibrant, unique and engaging business illustrations and timelapse videos for the NHS, and bespoke commissions for individual clients.

I teamed up with writer Lydia Saward ( in 2021 and together we have created illustrated poems for awareness days and on commission, as well as working together on illustrated business videos.

later this year, we will be publishing our debut children's picture book.

want to stay in touch?

Join me on my Substack, While I Was Drawinga magical portal to a place full of warmth and joy, sharing moments of beauty, life, and wonder and sometimes moments of sadness too. 

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