bespoke hand drawn infographics hampshire

meet Emily 

Artist and Illustrator Emily Powell lives in the south of England with her husband, two dogs and children, Thomas and Katelyn, who inspired the name of her business, Thomkat Illustrations.


Emily is best known for her work with the NHS, creating hand drawn illustrations and time-lapse animations that communicate key messages, solve problems, explain complex information simply, share ideas and bring words to life in a way that is engaging, powerful and memorable.

"I turn words into pictures, words that share strategy and vision, words that shout about achievements, the words of people who struggle to be heard, words that are complicated, confusing, difficult to understand. Words that inspire and unite, uplift and motivate... I take them and draw them into a unique and unforgettable picture"

Hi! This is me...


I am an illustrator specialising in illustration for business clients.

bespoke hand drawn infographics hampshire


I create time-lapse videos of some of my drawings, they're great for sharing on social media and at events. 

I design hand drawn logos to share the values, soul and qualities of your brand and business.

I create bespoke hand drawn illustrations on commission, for any occasion, full of colour and imagination...