illustration for businesses

The saying goes that ‘a picture can paint a thousand words’. But I believe that a picture can do so much more.

A picture can paint a thousand words, tell a hundred stories, share a single truth.


Pictures cross cultural and language barriers, they can set expectations, evoke emotions and change our mood.


Pictures can convey complex processes or abstract concepts. Pictures resonate with us, move us, motivate us and help us solve problems.

So... if you want to connect with your people and land your messages powerfully and memorably, there's no better way than with pictures

I love to draw

I’ve drawn pictures to describe complex information in policies, procedures and legislation. I’ve translated organisational vision, purpose and strategy into accessible, engaging and memorable illustrations. I’ve drawn graphics for leadership development and workshop facilitation. My drawings have brought customer voices to life, promoted mental well-being, positivity and kindness and much more.

bespoke hand drawn infographics hampshire

here's what I do..

hand drawn infographics and bespoke visuals for internal and external communication and events

time-lapse videos for for social media campaigns, training and events

hand drawn logos to share the values, soul and qualities of your brand and business

love the idea of using graphics but not sure what for yet? Here's some inspiration from my back catalogue!